Aunties From Hell – Part 2 – Auntie Bertha

Aunties From Hell – Part 2  

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I have graded this video (12)

There are the following problem words in this video:

Strap On (1) , Man Tits (1) , Bitch (1) , Pissing (1) , Bloody (1) , Arse (1) 

This would of been a (PG) as no strong language is used. However there’s a very mild reference to drugs and sex including relationships with dolphins. But all very very mild.

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Bertha (Hippo In A  Tacchini Tracky) Chewing Tobacco Drinking Meths

Spoke Like Jack Palance / Combat Wellies Fitted Snug To Top / Hulk Calves

Uncle Kasey Was An Emotional Bald Eunuch With Man Tits / Short Arse

Bertha Had Chipped Unlcle Kasey Like A Dog / Tracking Him / Alien Detector

Bertha Was Allergic To Cats So She Had To Stop Eating Them

Bertha Breaking Chickens Necks While She Spoke To You

Lost Weight / Atkins, Detox & Crystal Meth / New Pair Of Knuckle Dusters

Battered Gateau / Calorie Induced Coma / Farting Like Jabba The Hutt

Making Cookie Dough In A Cement Mixer / Eggs / Flour / Drinking Baileys

Bertha Survived Rabies Which She Caught By Snogging Rabid Dogs

Uncle Kasey Talking Dirty To Auntie Bertha Dressed Up As A Dolphin

Bertha Looked Like A Warthog / Arse Face  / Colonic Tube Stuck In Her Gob

Face Was So Cracked She Use To Point Her Chin With Mortar

Bertha Striking A Match Off Her Face / Smoking Her Pipe And Sniffing Glue

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I have split “Aunties From Hell ” into 4 parts. If you want to know how the story progresses then please click the big red button below to watch Part 3. Underneath the big red button there are also 4 separate links to help you easily navigate the whole story.

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Aunties From Hell – Part 1 – Auntie Myrtle
Aunties From Hell – Part 2 – Auntie Bertha
Aunties From Hell – Part 3 – Auntie Koko
Aunties From hell – Part 4 – Poker & Hell 

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