Comedy Compilation Video – 2

Comedy Compilation Video – 2

An image of a microphonePlease Watch ” The Best Bits Compilation Video ” Above And Tell Me If There Are Any Funny Bits Among All The Garbage

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I have graded this video (PG)

The following problem words appear in this video:

Bloody (2) , Jesus Christ (3) , Dickhead (1) , Shit (11) , Crap (3)

This video compilation contains very mild toilet humour. Taking this into consideration along with the above problem words I have decided to give this video compilation a (PG) rating.

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The Game Of Chicken

Chicken Checking Me Out (Wig & Beethoven’s 5th Symphony)

Chicken Walking Towards Me (Wig & Beethoven’s 5th Symphony)

Chicken Jogging Towards Me (Wig & Beethoven’s 5th Symphony)

Chicken Sprinting Towards Me (Wig & Beethoven’s 5th Symphony)

Throwing A Stick For A Bulldog

Bulldog Doesn’t Want To Fetch The Stick And Asks Another Dog To Get It

Bulldog Prefers To Walk Because Running Makes It Get Out Of Breath

Bulldog Runs But Gets Out Of Breath And Needs Its Oxygen Mask

Bulldog Using Its Oxygen Mask On The Toilet

Xavier’s Perfect Ten

Xavier All Legs Off The Fence / Crowds reaction / Fat Dave Slobbering Wreck

Xavier Gripping Fence With His Anus Using Suction / Anal Circumference

Judge Cat Holding A 10 Card And Zecharia Throwing A Temper Tantrum

Zecharia Ripping Up 10 Card And Judge Cat Holding Up 9.99 Card Instead

Xavier Wobbling On Fence / Physically Destroyed / Anus Muscles Fatigued

Xavier Almost Falls Of The Fence / Cats In The Crowd Praying

Slowcoach Sloths

Sloths Are Very Good At 3 Things : Resting , Sleeping & Tai Chi

Sloth Practising Tai Chi On His Tree With Perfect Technique ( Very Slow)

Monkeys Try To Copy Sloths But They’re Too Fast (Crap Technique)

Sloths Are Brilliant At Tai Chi But They’re Crap In Forest Fires (Too Slow)

Piano Tuning Problems – Middle C

Comparing Middle C / I Need To Count Keys To Find Where My Middle C Is

Snatch Tuning Fork And Hit My Head / I Think The Batteries Gone

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