Comedy Compilation Video – 3

Comedy Compilation Video – 3

An image of a microphonePlease Watch ” The Best Bits Compilation Video ” Above And Tell Me If There Are Any Funny Bits Among All The Garbage

If you haven’t watched the welcome video on the “Home Page” yet or been over to “The Big Idea” page then please drop by to find out what the Cat Comedian video blog is all about …Cheers.

12 Certificate Icon (Content Rating)Video Guidance Rating

I have graded this video (12)

There are the following problem words in this video:

Cock (1), Tits (2), Bitch (1), Bollocks (2), Shit (2), Piss (1), Dick (1), Balls (1) 

This video contains toilet humour and sexually related material. Some content is linked to adult breast feeding and sexual attraction towards dolphins. However it is mild due to how it is expressed and the humour lessens its offensiveness. Because of this and the problem words listed above I have decided to give this video a (12) rating.

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Aunties From Hell: Auntie Myrtle

Myrtle Shouting Gibberish / Cutaneous Horns / She Looks Like A Bison

Dragging Her Skip Like A World’s Strongest Man  / Built Like A Bullock

Checking For Aluminium / Magnet Stuck On A Chain Around Her Neck

Setting Old Dear On Fire  / Veering Into Canal / The Bubble Of Death

Aunties From Hell: Auntie Koko

Koko Looked Like A Shaved Silverback / Koko With Big Hair And A Bandana

Koko Cracking Pecan Nuts Between Her Ass Cheeks / Behemoth Buttocks

Koko Beating Her Tits Telling Her Mother She Wants To Suckle

Using Morse Code To Communicate  / Mother Wearing A Neck Brace

Aunties From Hell: Auntie Bertha

Bertha Breaking Chickens Necks While She Spoke To You

Bertha Was Allergic To Cats So She Had To Stop Eating Them

Uncle Kasey Talking Dirty To Auntie Bertha Dressed Up As A Dolphin

Bertha Had Chipped Unlcle Kasey Like A Dog / Tracking Him / Alien Detector

Tramps And Old Dears

Tramp Washing His Dick In The Sink

Tramp Offering To Share His Sink With Me (Cock Water)

Old Dear Sat On A Urinal Having A Dump

Pointing To The Out Of Order Sign / Nodding Head & Adjusting Her Hat

The Old Dear Was A Bloke In A Frock (Geriatric Transvestite)

Tramp Drying His Balls In The Blower

Tramp Tries To Give Himself A Colonic / Kicks Sink / Takes Advice Literally


Talking About Guanaco’s  

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