Comedy Compilation Video – 4

Comedy Compilation Video – 4

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15 Certificate Icon (Content Rating)Video Guidance Rating

I have graded this video (15)

The following problem words appear in this video:

Fu*king (1), Cock (1) , Prick (1) ,  Wank (1) , Bol**cks (3) , Tit (2) , Dick (3)  

This video contains adult material. I have organised all the clips together and given the compilation video a (15) rating. I talk about sex, drugs and it also includes toilet humour. Plus it contains all the above problem words. If you are easily offended or younger than 15 years old please do not watch this video. Thank you.      

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Filthy Swimming Pool

My Nan Found A Condom Floating In There / Still On The Corpse

Mimicking My Nan Finding The Corpse / She was Blind

It Was The Smackhead Vicar Bollocko With Dope Dick

My Nan Finding Penis On Corpse And Removing Condom

Dick And Testicles

Dick Trying To Maintain His Erection

Balls Shouting Encouragement Down The Sperm Pipe

Bert The Ball Asleep And Then Stretching

Blind Balls Can’t See .. Dick Is The One With The Eye

Narcoleptic Bert Finishes Sentence And Falls Back To Sleep

Balls Saying Bye And Refusing To Crawl Back Down Into Their Sac

Prostrate Exam

Dr Kock Assessing My Pelvic Floor (ie) Fingering Me

Last Thing On My Mind Is Taking A Dump With His Hand Stuck Up My Arse

I Ask Dr Kock If He Gets Off  By Fisting Animals

I Don’t Know Where My Pelvic Floor Musculature Is ( Matthew Laughing)

Dr Kock Wants More Tension Down By His finger (ie) Me Getting Fingered

Matthew Drooling Over My Arse (He Might As Well Get On And Hump Me)

“Distain From Vulgarity And Focus Squeezing My Finger With Your Anus”

Playing Piano And Talking About Private Parts

My Plumbs Fill A Pint Glass / Pub Trick / Jack’s Seen The Beanstalk 1st Hand

Son’s Hung Like A Guinea Pig / Cat Tit Cock / Microscopic Prick

Circumcised With Vodka, Binoculars & A Pencil Sharpener

Being Dominated S&M Style

Dominant Female Makes The Male W**k Himself Off Instead

Dominant Female Electrocutes The Male For Disobeying Her

Teletubbies Shitting Themselves

Teletubbies Are Bald Underneath Their Suits

Teletubbies Are Coprophiliacs (Poop Fetish)

Teletubbies All Shit In Their Suits Together

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