Comedy Compilation Video – 5

Comedy Compilation Video – 5

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Pissed (1) , Shit (3) , Crap (3) , Bloody (3) , Dickhead (1)

This video compilation contains no references to sex or drugs and it contains no toilet humour. Taking this into consideration along with the above problem words I have decided to give this video compilation a (PG) rating. Thank you. 

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Drunk Hedgehog Trying To Cross The Road

Hedgehogs Get Drunk Eating  Slugs From Beer Traps 

Drunk Spike Decides To Cross The Road (Dual Carriageway)

Spike Finds His Own Nose

Spike Thinks His Armour Will Save Him

Spike Isn’t Scared Of Lights

Spike Gets Run Over By A “Reliant” (3 wheeler)

Two Pit Bulls Picking A Fight In The Dog Salon

Aggressive Short Arse Pit Bull Talking / George Just Keeps saying “YEA”

Yorkshire Terrier Says Hot Dogs Are Made From Pig’s Arses & Chicken’s Feet

George Didn’t Eat A Hot Dog He Ate A Curried Sausage Dog In A Bun

George Keeps Saying “YEA” Because It’s All He Can Say

Seal Getting Chased By A Polar Bear

Seal Isn’t Doing 25 mph And Is Crap Moving Out Of Water

Seal Undulating On Land

Seal Undulating And Bear Sprinting After It

No Benefit Moving Away From Escape Hole Because There’s Nothing To Do

There’s No Tesco Or Krispy Kreme It’s Like The Construct Out Of The Matrix

I Wouldn’t Come On Land If I Were A Seal I’d Quickly Breath At The surface

I Would Be Perched On The Edge Of My Escape Hole Balancing Like A Seesaw

Winnie The Pooh Will Be A Diabetic

Winnie The Pooh Will Be A Diabetic

Defending Myself Against A Tiger With A Baseball Bat

I Don’t Want A Bat I Want A Bazooka , Flame Thrower , Lightsaber 

Encased Inside A 16 Ft Block Of Reinforced Bullet Proof Glass / Kalashnikov 

Frank Can’t Say Kalashnikov And Wonders How I Will Get Out Of The Glass 

I Don’t Want To Bat The Giant Cat I Don’t Want To Box Him  

My Pathetic Weak Humanoid  Body And It’s Clawed Fanged Magnificence

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