Comedy Compilation Video – 6

Comedy Compilation Video – 6

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There are the following problem words in this video:

Bast**d (2), Tits (1),  Shit (1), Piss (1) , Bloody (1)

This video contains no adult or sexually related material, but because it contains the problem words listed above I have decided to give this video a (12) rating. Please note this video contains content about speech impediment and also speech affected by stroke. I suffered from a speech impediment myself in the past and my mother has had two strokes. It’s very hard nowadays to say anything without upsetting or offending someone. However if this does upset you in anyway I am very sorry. 

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Captain Alien Talking To Crew Member Inside Mothership

Captain Alien Asks What Earthlings Do For Entertainment

First Alien With Speech Impediment

Captain Alien Says What?

First Alien Tries Again

Captain Alien Dismisses First Alien

The Yakuza Rat

Yakuza Rat Pissed On Sake

Polar Bears Go Whaling

Polar Bears Don’t Go Whaling In A Boat With A Harpoon, They K.O Them

Beluga Whales Are Very Good Whistlers And Can Even Whistle Underwater

Beluga Whale Wondering Why The Big White Furry Thing Knocked It Out

Polar Bear Hasn’t Dragged The Whale Out To Teach Him How To Whistle

Firework Night

You Make Circles With Sparklers Not Squares, Triangles Or Hexacontagons

My Uncle Ed Trying To Write His Own Name With A Sparkler

My Uncle Ed Can’t Write His Own Name But My Uncle Jay “J” Can 

Fat Hamster In The vets

Fat Hamster Needs A Triple Heart By Pass

Fat Hamster Sounds Like The Godfather

Fat Hamster Speaks Funny After Having A Stroke

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