Dreaming Teletubbies – Part 2

Dreaming Teletubbies – Part 2

An image of a microphonePlease Watch ” Dreaming Teletubbies – Part 2 ” Above And Tell Me If There Are Any Funny Bits Among All The Garbage

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12 Certificate Icon (Content Rating)Video Guidance Rating

I have graded this video (12)

The following problem words appear in this video:

Shit (1), Shitting (2), Bol**cko (1)

This video contains reference to sex, homosexuality and rape. There is also typical toilet humour as well. It is mild however so I have given this video a (12) to show that the content is quite mild in nature. Sorry if you find it offensive

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Teletubbies Are Bald Underneath Their Suits

Teletubbies Are Coprophiliacs (Poop Fetish)

Teletubbies All Shit In Their Suits Together

Tinky Winky Enjoys Sodomizing Dipsy

Puss In Boots Couldn’t Help Because He Was Too Big For His Boots

Paddington Bear Came Instead Of  Winnie The Pooh 

Po Told The Clangers To Go And Whistle

Mr Benn Came In His Bondage Suit

Overall Rating For Dreaming Teletubbies Part 2

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