Finding My Voice

Picture of me singing

Trying To Find My Comedy Voice

Image of Cat Comedian (cartoon) listening to himself wearing headphones crying inside a speaker I think it’s quite a common thing not to like your own voice. It’s a very strange experience to listen to a recording of yourself through speakers or headphones.

You don’t sound like you if that makes any sense?

When I started playing back recordings of myself performing my material I found it very uncomfortable. I didn’t really like my voice and didn’t think it worked very well. This sounds strange I know but I’m sure a lot of other people run into the same problem. It was time to start experimenting.

An image of a walrus I Started To Sound Like Barry White The Walrus Of Love !!

I therefore started to practise with different   voices and even tried whispering at one point. One of the false voices I tried was very deep and gruff. It wasn’t working out because it meant I was constantly having  to take breaks to rest my voice. My throat was so sore the next day I sounded like a bad Barry White impersonator. I even tried recording myself after a few beers to see how I sounded but realised that wasn’t a good habit to get into.

The voices I used for characters I didn’t mind too much even though I know there’s massive room for improvement. Instead it was my normal voice or when I was just talking as me that I was unhappy with.

An image of a library bookshelf with comedy books on it. My Local Library Came To The Rescue

My local library had a couple of books on stand-up comedy so I borrowed them and got busy reading. In one it said a good solution is to just talk as if you were telling a joke to a friend at the pub. It recommended you just be yourself.

This sounded good advice so I started just talking without paying too much attention to it. I just focused on my writing as I find that hard enough as it is without worrying about my voice. 

Richard Pryor Said It Can Take 15 Years To Find Your Voice !!

An Image of a penguin holding a sign When I first read this I thought surely that can’t be true but Pryor was a comic genius, stand up icon and certainly knew what he was talking about. Strange thing is even after I started using my normal voice I noticed I didn’t  sound the same in all my videos. 

I wasn’t trying to sound different it’s just how ICartoon Picture Of Richard Pryor thought to do it when I wrote the material. So it does seem finding your voice is an ongoing thing as Richard Pryor said. So now I just write and let the voice come as I rehearse the material. I’m not sure how other comedians approach this problem.  I suppose all I can do is just go with the flow so to speak and try not to force things to much. 


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