Grandma – Part 1 – Knitting & Mirrors

Grandma – Part 1

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The Egoscue Method

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My Grandma’s Got A Wrecked Neck

Picking Up Her Wrecked Neck / Wants Three Sugars In Her Tea

Knitting Won’t Help Fix Her Wrecked Neck

Knitting Cardigans For Her Bald Cat “Giza” / Sphynx Breed

Needs To Take Up Plane Spotting And Stargazing To Help Her Wrecked Neck

Doing Crosswords Reinforces Her Wrecked Neck

Sucking Her Tea Through A Straw Out Of Her Spill Proof Beaker

She Can’t Drink Out Of A Teacup / She Can’t Tip It

Falsies Out / Teeth Too Big For Her Head / Buck Toothed Shergar

Taking A Kip Having A Catnap

Coronation Street Theme Tune Waking Her Up

Watching Coronation Street With Her Magic T.V Mirror

Unfortunately You Can See Up Her Skirt / She Goes Commando

Pissed As A Fart On A Cider Ice Lolly

Magic T.V Mirror Sets Fire To Her Bush

Sat In Casualty With Frozen Broccoli Stuck Down Her Knickers

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I have split “Grandma” into 4 parts. If you want to know how the story progresses then please click the big red button below to watch Part 2. Underneath the big red button there are also 4 separate links to help you easily navigate the whole story.

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Grandma – Part 1 – Knitting & Mirrors
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