Irritable Bladder – Part 3 – Public Toilet Incident

Irritable Bladder – Part 3

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The following problem words appear in this video:

Fingered (5), Bumhole (3), Piss/Pissing (2), Cock (1), Shit (1), Bloody (3), Anus (1), Arse (4),

This video contains sexually related content including homosexuality. My character is also slightly homophobic due to the situation he finds himself in but very mild. Due to the nature of the content please don’t watch this video if you are easily offended. If you watch this and it offends you in any way please accept my sincere apologies.

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I Don’t Know Where My Pelvic Floor Musculature Is ( Matthew Laughing)

Dr Kock Wants More Tension Down By His finger (ie) Me Getting Fingered

Matthew Drooling Over My Arse (He Might As Well Get On And Hump Me)

“Distain From Vulgarity And Focus Squeezing My Finger With Your Anus”

My Bum Hole Is Deaf, Blind But Not Dumb And Has A Great Sense Of Touch

Trying To Convince My Bumhole It Has Just Been Fingered By A Man 

My Bumhole And Dick Are On The Same Wavelength (Conversation)

Bunny Hopping Over To The Machine (Pants Around Ankles And A Semi On)

Semi On Affects Targeting (Pee All Over The Floor And The Toilet Seat)

The Public Toilet Incident

Getting Stage Fright At Urinal (Looks Like Oggeling Guys Cock Next To You)

I Get A Semi On And End Up Pissing In The Big Arse Builders Welly

Telling The Builder It Was Because I Had A Semi On (Not A Good Idea)

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I have split “Irritable Bladder” into 4 parts. If you want to know how the story progresses then please click the big red button below to watch Part 4. Underneath the big red button there are also 4 separate links to help you easily navigate the whole story.  

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Irritable Bladder – Part 1 – Meeting Dr Kock
Irritable Bladder – Part 2 – Massaged & Fingered
Irritable Bladder – Part 3 – Public Toilet Incident
Irritable Bladder – Part 4 – Pissing In The Machine

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