Irritable Bladder – Part 4 – Pissing In The Machine

Irritable Bladder – Part 4

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I have graded this video (15)

The following problem words appear in this video:

F**king (1), F**k All (1), Bast**d (2), Boll**ks (2), Ball Sack (2), Cock (1), Fingered (2), Son Of A Bitch (1), Shit/Shitting (2), Pissing (5), Bloody (1), Knob End (1)

This video contains strong language (please see above). It contains toilet humour and is very crude. There is very little sexually related content but it definitely deserves its (15) rating. If you are easily offended then please don’t watch this. However if you are reading this and have got this far through the story then you are quite safe to watch as you know what to expect from watching the previous videos.  

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Pissing For England Into The Machine (Stench Stops Me Fainting)

Mimic Bladder Straining

Losing Control Of My Sphincter (Pissing, Farting & Wafting)

Scared Of Shitting Myself (ie) Following Through On The Beige Carpet

Scared Of Flooding The Machine (Maximum Limit Sticker)

Aborting A Powerful Piss Stings (Tensing My Willy Muscle)

My Bladder Sounds Like Something Out Of Jurassic Park

My Special Techniques Do F**k All To Help Me

I Start Pissing Into Dr Kocks Giant Fish Tank

My Wee Is The Same Colour As A Pineapple Flavour Mr Freeze Ice Pop

There Were Piranha Fish In The Tank And They Can Jump Out

My Cock And Ball Sack Were Dangerously Near The Water Edge

Piranha Fish Could Jump Out And Bite One Of My Bloody Bollocks Off

Holding My Ball Sack Up As High As I Can Whilst Shielding My Tezzies

I Give Dr Kock Two Finges Instead Of Having Two Fingers Up My Bum

Decide To Go To Boots To Get Myself A F**King Nappy

Overall Rating For Irritable Bladder Part 4

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Irritable Bladder – Part 1 – Meeting Dr Kock
Irritable Bladder – Part 2 – Massaged & Fingered
Irritable Bladder – Part 3 – Public Toilet Incident
Irritable Bladder – Part 4 – Pissing In The Machine

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