My Bucket List

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I Wrote My Bucket List Whilst Watching Tigers 

Image of a cartoon wooden watchtower with big eyesI mentioned on My Story page that I madeYellow post-it note with a chickens head on it my bucket list when I worked for a nearby safari park. This is true and some of my sketch videos are actually based on real life events and experiences I had when I worked there. To find out more please see Safari Park Encounters.

Take for example The Game Of Chicken that believe it or not is based on true events! That was one scary chicken let me tell you! Plus a lot of my material was created when I worked there pickingCartoon tiger holding a sign saying watch me up litter, cleaning toilets and doing various other menial tasks. This is because I was on my own most of the day and had time to daydream and think up loads of weird stuff.

I wrote out my bucket list when I was in the tiger tower working the electric gates. It was important to let the cars through without letting the animals escape! This small watch tower overlooked the tiger enclosure and I would spend countless hours watching the magnificent tigers and thinking about my goals and what I wanted to do with my life. 

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I Decided To Condense All My Life Goals Down To Just Ten 

A goal with 10 balls in it  After I had finished writing down all the things I would like to do before I snuff it. I realised my bucket list was a bit big (lol)!! So I decided to try and combine a lot of the goals together and condense my list down to just ten things. These ten goals covered all my dreams and ambitions I had for my whole life. 

Becoming a comedian and making people laugh and newsmile was one of the first things I wrote on my bucket list. So that’s why I’ve set up the  Cat Comedian Video Blog you see it’s to try and help me realise one of my dreams. Hopefully I’ll be able to cross it off my bucket list before I leave.  I think it’s good to dream big dreams because you never know sometimes just sometimes dreams do come true.  

Anyway Here’s My Bucket List      

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Only Eight Left To Go !!!

As you can see I have already crossed goal numbers 5 & 6 off my bucket list. Let me tell you why starting with:

magic-movie-mindGoal  5Invent Something Of Value And Give It Away For Free

I wrote a book six years ago called Magic Movie Mindmagician-thinner under the alias Magician. It’s all about how to use magic moments from movies to help you master your feelings and positively transform your life. Everything is explained in the introduction of the book, I tell you what Magic Movie Mind is and list all the benefits it has to offer you. The ideas I share with you in the book especially (Chapter 9) really help me manage my mental health problems. So I thought it would be nice to write a book about my discovery and give it away as a present to anyone who might like it. If you would like to read it then just click the book up there on your left and it will open for you. Once opened it can be easily downloaded if you so wish. The book can also be downloaded from the Magic Movie Mind YouTube Channel. If you think any of your friends or loved ones might like it please pass them a copy from me.  Click

All I ask is if you find it helpful please could you make a donation to the charity called Sense. They are a nationalnew-magic charity supporting and campaigning  for people who are deafblind. Writing Magic Movie Mind made me realise how truly blessed and lucky I am to be able to experience a movie. If you would like to donate please just click the Sense logo on your left and you will be whisked over to their wonderful website. Thank you very much if you do.

Goal 6Have A Spiritual Experience That Science Can’t Explain

patch-adams-use10 years ago my Mum unfortunately suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. It was a huge shock and I used my savings to take six weeks off from work gardening so I could help her. It was a real Patch Adams type thing with lot’s of laughter and bucketfuls of silliness. We also did daily Spring Forest Qigong healing sessions, more on that later. I also used some of the ideas from my book Magic Movie Mind previously mentioned above.

There were lot’s of strange synchronistic and spiritual events that happened during these six weeks. To be honest with you when I think aboutMRI Scan Machine them it still blows my mind. Anyway when my Mum went back for her follow up MRI scan her neurologist was completely amazed. He said the scan showed no sign of a stroke ever happening. According to medical science there should of been be some residual scaring or evidence that a stroke had taken place. MRI scans are very sensitive but my Mum’s scan picked up absolutely nothing.

So this was our own little spiritual miracle that science can’t explain.

marx-brothersIf you or a loved one is unwell and in need of help I really recommend you look into laughter therapy. Please read Patch Adams books and watch the movie starring one of my heroes Robin Williams R.I.P. I also recommend you read Dr Norman Cousins book “Anatomy Of An Illness” and watch the movie too. Dr Cousins watched old Marx Brothers movies and used laughter as an integral part of his own miracle healing. Dr Cousins said “Laughter is inner jogging”. The Marx Brothers drawing is by Al Hirschfeld.

You may also find my own book Magic Movie Mind helpful as chapter ten includes information about increasing healing and recovery time. If you find it helpful please do donate to the charity Sense mentioned above.spq 

Last but not least if you want to find out more about Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) just click the image over there on your right and it will transport you over to Master Chunyi Lin’s website. I really recommend you check it out with an open mind. 

Anyway I believe anything is possible and science doesn’t always have the answer, sometimes there are things it just can’t explain.

Take care.

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Before I sign off I must mention a bit about:

Goal  4 Put A Beautiful Red Rose On Audrey Hepburn’s Grave


Image Credit Dylan Bonner

I’m a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn, her films have brought me so much pleasure over the years. One day I would love to travel to Switzerland so I can put a red rose on her grave to thank her for making me smile. How can you not smile when you look at her. She defies Sir Thomas Overbury’s maxim “Beauty is only skin deep” She was beautiful to the core as all her humanitarian work proved.

The last chapter of her life was spent helping children through the charity UNICEF. They  appointed her as a  goodwill abassador so she could help them with all the great work they do. What a tragedy she left us so soon at just 63. I wish she could of stayed longer.audrey-grave-new 

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”  – Audrey  

“I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner and I believe in kissing, kissing a lot” – Audrey 

Audrey loved to smile, she loved to laugh and she was also very fond of cats (lol)!