Old Dears Are Selfish – Part 1

Old Dears Are Selfish – Part 1

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There are no problem words or any references to sex or sexually related content in this video. I must point out this is very much tongue in cheek and doesn’t reflect my own views on old dears in any way (lol)! It’s meant to be dark, negative and far from serious.   

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I Walked To The Pub To Counteract The 26 Pints I Was Going To Drink

It Was So Windy It Was Starting To Blow Old People Over

Plastic Bubble To Protect Her From Fresh Air

It’s Always The Hip Isn’t It

I’ve Only Got 6p Left On My Pay As You Go, Bloody Hell Selfish Kecks There

All The Traffic Having To Stop , Me Me Me The Whole Time

I Got Her Back

Takes Them A While To Heal At That Age

I Knew It Was Her Because Of The Neck Brace And The Limp

She Had A Face Like A Warthog Smacked With An Ugly Stick

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