Playing Beethoven – Part 1 – Duets & Penis Envy

Playing Beethoven – Part 1

An image of a microphonePlease Watch ” Playing Beethoven – Part 1 ” Above And Tell Me If There Are Any Funny Bits Among All The Garbage

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I have graded this video (12)

The following problem words appear in this video:

Boll**ko (1) , Cock (2) , Prick (1) , Bitch Tit (1) , Penis (1) , Shit (1) , Tit (1)   

This video contains sexually related material linked to the size of the male genitalia and rape. I am sorry and apologise in advance if the content in this video offends you in any way, everything is tongue in cheek which I feel lessens the intensity. However because of the sexually related content and the problems words I have listed above I have given this video a (12) rating.     

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Can’t Remember What I’m Playing

Forgetting To Introduce Alicia Keys And Offending Her / Forget Her Name

Can’t Say Pianist  …. Can Only Say Penis…t

Alicia Starts Playing Before I’m Ready / She’s Not Busking Now She’s Made It

I Would Need Chloroform To Level The Playing Field / Age Difference

I’m Hung Like A Hippo / Built Like A Brick Shit House / Stocky Cock

Catholic School Girls Named Him – Thor – Big Hammer / All Got Nailed

You’ve Got Loads Of Brothers & Sisters You Don’t Know About …. Trust Me

Lucky I Was Wearing The Ski Mask / Or I’d Be Behind Bars / Follow My Lead

My Plumbs Fill A Pint Glass / Pub Trick / Jack’s Seen The Beanstalk 1st Hand

Son’s Hung Like A Guinea Pig / Cat Tit Cock / Microscopic Prick

Circumcised With Vodka, Binoculars & A Pencil Sharpener

Looks Like A Eunuch With Bitch Tit / Trainer Bra 2nd Hand From Oxfam

Overall Rating For Playing Beethoven Part 1

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Thank You So Much For Watching And For Giving Me Your Feedback … Much Appreciated …

I have split “Playing Beethoven ” into 6 parts. If you want to know how the story progresses then please click the big red button below to watch Part 2. Underneath the big red button there are also 6 separate links to help you easily navigate the whole story.

I have only managed to film Parts 1 & 2 of the story so far so this is an ongoing project. As soon as I film more I will activate the links below and add them to the main side bar navigation.   

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Playing Beethoven – Part 1 – Duets & Penis Envy
Playing Beethoven – Part 2 – Tuning Tantrums
Playing Beethoven – Part 3 – Not Filmed Yet – To Be Continued
Playing Beethoven – Part 4 – Not Filmed Yet – To Be Continued
Playing Beethoven – Part 5 – Not Filmed Yet – To Be continued
Playing Beethoven – Part 6 – Not Filmed Yet – To Be Continued

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