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Please Watch ” ???????? ” Above And Tell Me If There Are Any Funny Bits Among All The Garbage

If you haven’t watched the welcome video on the “Home Page” yet or been over to “The Big Idea” page then please drop by to find out what the Cat Comedian video blog is all about …… Cheers.

12 Certificate Icon (Content Rating)Video Guidance Rating

I have graded this video (12)

The following problem words appear in this video:

Shit (1) , Prick (1) , Ball Sac (1) , Bol**cks (1) , Arse (1) , Bullshit (1) , Knob (1) , Dickhead (2)

There is a slight reference to sex in this video when the word knob is used. This sketch is meant to be like a cartoon and obviously not real. Hamsters make wonderful pets and are fantastic little creatures. Even though the cat pushes George down the stairs in his exercise ball I’m in no way saying this is acceptable behavior. I realize this is pretty obvious but thought it was important I point it out.

Video Guidance Rating (Above) I thought it would be a good idea to give each video a rating or guidance certificate like the example above. This way you know what to expect before you watch so I don’t mistakenly offend anyone. If there are any problem words I make sure to list them here in bold blue ( please see above). The number in the bracket ( ? ) next to each word is how many times it occurs in the video. I also mention here if there’s any sexually related content or anything else I think you should know about before you watch.

An image of a red arrow pointing downThanks For Taking The Time To Watch The Video … Please If you haven't yet been to the rating my stuff page please click here Could You Judge & Rate It Below … Cheers

Sorry But Only Your First Vote Is Recorded For Each Rating

Charles Trips (Example)

Mouse Faints (Example)

Mum’s Scones (Example)

Cat Singing (Example)

Overall Rating (Example)

Polldaddy Rating Stars Above - I'm using these to get some feedback about my stuff so I can hopefully find the 1% that actually works ... You can rate the different bits described under each row of stars either painful, not funny, not bad, funny or hilarious

A picture of me giving the thumbs up smiling        Oh yea I forgot to say that the first one or two votes for each rating are my own. I needed to make sure and double check that they worked o.k.

Thank You So Much For Watching And For Giving Me Your Feedback … Much Appreciated …

Do you want to know how “???????” ends? If you do then please click the big red button below.

Click to watch part 2This button doesn't work by the way it's a dud.

The Big Red Button ( Above ) If a sketch is quite big then I split it up into 2 or more videos. Each video is between 2 and 8 minutes long with most averaging around 3 to 5 minutes. I decided to put just one video on each page to make them load faster as I know it can be very frustrating waiting around to watch something. If a sketch is split over 2 or more videos then at the end of each post there’s a big red button just like the one above. If you click on these buttons they will take you to the next or previous part of the sketch so you can navigate your way through and see how it all ends ends. Thanks for dropping by

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