Slowcoach Sloths – Part 2

Slowcoach Sloths – Part 2

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The following problem words appear in this video:

Shitting (2) , Shitter (1) , Shit (1) , Crap (1) , Arse (1) 

There is no reference to sex or sexually related content in this video. However there is toilet humour but it is very mild. The few problem words mentioned above prevented it from being given a (U) rating.

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Sloth Shitting Off A Branch 

Sloth Slowly Wiping Its Arse With A Leaf Leaving It Totally Exhausted

Would You Rather Sit Down In Comfort Or Take A Dump Of A Ladder?

Land Sharks Come On Land To Hunt Using Water Tanks & Mobility Scooters

Sharks Are More Effective Hunting In Water (Come On Land To Show Off)

Sloth Slowly Crosses Itself After It Sees A Jaguar Approaching

Jaguar Misses The Sloth And Goes Straight Past It (The Truck Didn’t) SPLAT!

Serves The Sloth Right For Pooing On The Road (Should Of Shit Off A Branch)

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