Swimming & Scouts – Part 1 – Mr Kiniston & Slush

Swimming & Scouts – Part 1

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The following problem words appear in this video:

Boll**k Sac (1) , Cock (1) ,Tits (1)  

This video contains material about how the extreme cold adversely affects the male genitalia and I use language to describe this (see above). There is no direct reference to sex or any sexually related content in this video. I am sorry and apologise in advance if my reference to dwarfs, transvestism and blind people is offensive, it is not meant to be, everything is tongue in cheek and very mild. I feel a (12) rating is justified.     

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Old Mr Kiniston

Kiniston Jumps In The Pool With Two Metal Hips (Walking On The Bottom)

Kiniston Hiking Up To The Shallow End

Lifeguard Thought He Was Doing High Intensity Aqua Aerobics

Kiniston Was Producing Two Streams Of Bubbles (Mouth & ..)

Breathing In The 3 Foot Shallow End (Kiniston Was A  Dwarf)

He Was A Retired Shetland Pony Jockey (Riding Dressed As Snow White)

The Outdoor Slush Pool 

So Cold All The Air Left My Lungs (Air Leaving & Getting Sucked Back In)

Bollock Sac Shrank Propelling My Testicles Back To Their Birth Place

My Dick Shrank To The Size Of A Liquorice Torpedo & Went Into Coma

Nipples Were So Hard They Could Cut Glass

Hairy Ear Syndrome / Just On Tips Of My Ears / I Looked Like A Lynx

I Looked Like An Electrocuted Punk  (Me With Big Hair)

I Had The Skin Texture Of A Stickle Brick

Skin Like Braille (Headbutting Blind Person Who Put Hands On Me)

I Resembled A Short Arse Blue Avatar Alien / Skin / Ears / Parkinson’s

Or If I Wasn’t Quickly Rescued Han Solo In Carbonite

Overall Rating For Swimming & Scouts Part 1

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I have split “Swimming & Scouts ” into 6 parts. If you want to know how the story progresses then please click the big red button below to watch Part 2. Underneath the big red button there are also 6 separate links to help you easily navigate the whole story.

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Swimming & Scouts – Part 1 – Mr Kiniston & Slush
Swimming & Scouts – Part 2 – Testicle Migration
Swimming & Scouts – Part 3 – Swimming In Slurry
Swimming & Scouts – Part 4 – Water Survival Badge
Swimming & Scouts – Part 5 – The Kraken
Swimming & Scouts – Part 6 – Humiliating Climax

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