Swimming & Scouts – Part 2 – Testicle Migration

Swimming & Scouts – Part 2

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I have graded this video (12) 

There are the following problem words in this video:

Cock (1) , Shit (1) , Pissing (2) , Piss (1)     

There is reference to sex in terms of erection dysfunction but it is portrayed in a funny light which lessens the impact. This video also contains very mild toilet humour and transvestism is covered again but it is brief and inoffensive. I use the word midget because of how it sounds but I appreciate it is offensive to dwarfs so I apologise for that. Overall I feel a (12) rating is fair.      

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Caretaker Dragging Me Out Of (Slush Pool / Chernobyl) With Pool Net

Caretaker Giving Me Mouth To Mouth With Shit Breath

Trying To Coax My Balls Back Down With Baths / Saunas & Vacuum Cleaner

Oxygen Starved Cock &  Testicle Deserters

Dick Trying To Maintain His Erection

Balls Shouting Encouragement Down The Sperm Pipe

Bert The Ball Asleep And Then Stretching

Blind Balls Can’t See .. Dick Is The One With The Eye

Narcoleptic Bert Finishes Sentence And Falls Back To Sleep

Balls Saying Bye And Refusing To Crawl Back Down Into Their Sac

Mr Kiniston On Pool Piss Duty

Swim Centre Manager Offered Kiniston A Job / Pool Piss Duty

I Was Banned For Pissing In The Deep End (From High Board)

Pissing In The Mouths Of Geriatrics Doing Backstroke

Kiniston Making A Note Underwater Wearing His Bikini Bottoms

Needs Oxygen Mask He Wasn’t A Midget Merman With Gills Behind His Ears 

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I have split “Swimming & Scouts ” into 6 parts. If you want to know how the story progresses then please click the big red button below to watch Part 3. Underneath the big red button there are also 6 separate links to help you easily navigate the whole story.

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Swimming & Scouts – Part 1 – Mr Kiniston & Slush
Swimming & Scouts – Part 2 – Testicle Migration
Swimming & Scouts – Part 3 – Swimming In Slurry
Swimming & Scouts – Part 4 – Water Survival Badge
Swimming & Scouts – Part 5 – The Kraken
Swimming & Scouts – Part 6 – Humiliating Climax

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