The Big Idea

The BIG IDEA Is To Use The Internet To Help Me Get Feedback About My Comedy Material So I Can Build My Act ONLINE …

I suppose you could say ” The Cat Comedian Video Blog ” is like a kind of:

Online Interactive Comedy Gig

Where you if you’re kind enough get to help me find out which bits of my comedy material are funny or entertaining in some way. Plus you get to skit me about all the rest that isn’t.

I borrowed a few books from my local library to help me learn how to become a comedian. All the books gave different advice but they did agree that most of the material you write will be complete and utter garbage. They said only a very small % will be worth keeping and could be used in your act. One book got a bit more specific and even gave exact percentages. It said:

All The Comedy Material You Write Could Be Broken Down Into 3 Categories

  1. Makes People Laugh (Use In Your Act) = 1 %
  2. Might Be O.K But Not Exactly Good = 10 %
  3. Total Garbage = ALL THE REST !!!

Those percentages are really scary and it makes me respect and appreciate proper comedians so much more, it’s not easy and takes a lot of hard work.To find out more about rating my stuff please click here

Anyway to help me get feedback about my stuff so I can find my good bits or (1%’s) I’ve used the 3 services below:

  1. – To Help Me Build This Blog
  2. – To Help Me Put Videos On Here
  3. – To Help Me Get Feedback

All these services are completely FREE !!! Which is incredible when you think about it. I also hope to have a Facebook & Twitter page too which are free as well. How good’s that !!!

So why am I doing this and what’s the overall goal ?

My Goal Is To Use This Video Blog To Help Me Find All My Funny Bits (1%’s) So I Can Use Them To Build Myself A Decent Little (10) Or (15) Minute Comedy Routine …

Then I Can Cross It Off  My BUCKET LIST Once And For All …

When I sat down and wrote my bucket list many years ago one of the things I put on it was :

Become a comedian and make people laugh

If you’ve been to “My Story” you will know that I have been writing my ideas down and working on my material for many years. I really enjoy writing my stuff even though it’s probably not very good because for me it’s the ultimate in escapism.

It will be great to get some feedback about it.

You’re probably thinking why don’t you just perform live to get some feedback? Good point.

I Know This Video Blog Isn’t As Good As Gigging Live … But That Scares Me  Half  To Death

How can I become a comedian then?

Well that’s the 2nd part of my supposed “BIG IDEA( Please see further down )

I’m not sure if this “BIG IDEA” of mine will actually work to be honest. I appreciate that the best way to get feedback about your comedy material is to perform lots of live gigs in front of different audiences to see what works .

I have only performed live 3 times in the past as I found it very stressful and difficult. It wasn’t getting gonged or criticized by the audience I found hard as that has to be expected when you first start out. It was other stuff.

Anyway for personal reasons I won’t go into I decided not to do any more live stand up gigs.

However I have kept on writing over the years as like I said above I really enjoy it and find it therapeutic. I’ve nothing but the utmost respect for comedians who gig live and completely take my hat off to them. I know this video blog is nowhere near as good as gigging to get feedback but it’s better than nothing I suppose. It’s either this or have my stuff stuck on my hard drive doing nothing and gathering dust.

As I find live gigging really stressful and hard the 2nd part of my “BIG IDEA” is:

Why Don’t I Try To Become An ONLINE Comedian Instead ?

Is there such a thing as an “Online Comedian”? I’m not sure ? 

Anyway I will constantly be trying to upload more of my stuff on here. I will be made up if you can help me condense it down into a respectable “10” or maybe “15” minute online comedy act. It will be very rewarding and satisfying to have the finished routine up on here in the future.

Unfortunately it could take a while as I will need many hours of footage to find enough good bits or (1%’s) to create my little “10” or “15” minute act. I recon probably “15” to “25” hours of footage … YIKES !!!

So it’s an ongoing thing … (Lol!!!)

What do you think of my BIG IDEA ? (Click Here)


If I Can Produce A Good Little Routine That Makes People Laugh Then I Will Feel Like This Project Has Been A Huge Success

If someone stumbles onto this blog in the future when they’re having a bad day and watching my stuff makes them feel better in some way then I will be over the moon. It’s very hard to be sad and upset when you laugh or smile so if my stuff makes you laugh or smile then all the hard work has been well worth while. This is what drives me to get this project finished so I can cross of it off my “Bucket List“.

By the way do you see the animal rescue ambulance Freshfields Animal Rescue - Click here to donateover there on your right? Well it’s actually a link to my local animal rescue centre. Anyway if you do like my video blog and my stuff does make you smile or hopefully laugh please would you click on the animal rescue ambulance and make a donation. Thanks a million.

Why Are You A Cat Then .. What’s That All About ?

Actually I’m meant to be a Puma if you must know. However I want to keep this “BIG IDEA” page short and sweet so if you want to find out why I’m aTo read my story click here cat (Puma) then you will have to read my story. By the way there’s a lot of stuff on the “My Story” page so it might take a few seconds to load up, sorry about that.