The Dog Salon – Part 2 – The Barkless Dog

The Dog Salon – Part 2

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There is no reference to sex or sexually related content in this video. There is one reference to drug use (snorting drugs) but it is very mild and I feel still allows this video to be classified as a (PG).    

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Basenji Yodelling In the Park

Other Dog Looks Puzzled / Calls His Mate Who Can’t Hear Him (Headphones)

Dog Uses A Dog Whistle To Get His Mates Attention (Dancing/Headphones)

His Mate Is Listening To Doggystyle By Snoop Doggy Dogg (HMV Download)

Basenji’s Owner Would Rather It Be Silent Than Do The Stupid Yodel Sound

Basenji Is Embarrassed About Its Yodel/Speech Impediment (Stays Silent)

Basenji Communicating With Its Groomer Using Charades

First Word Sounds Like “Bite” = Quite

Second Word Sounds Like “Snort” = Short

Basenji Wants Its Hair Cut “Quite Short”

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I have split “The Dog Salon” into 4 parts. If you want to know how the story progresses then please click the big red button below to watch Part 3. Underneath the big red button there are also 4 separate links to help you easily navigate the whole story.

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The Dog Salon – Part 1 – Bulldogs & Sheepdogs
The Dog Salon – Part 2 – The Barkless Dog
The Dog Salon – Part 3 – St Bernards & Poodles
The Dog Salon – Part 4 – Pitbull Finale

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