The Dog Salon – Part 3 – St Bernards & Poodles

The Dog Salon – Part 3

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I have graded this video (12)

The following problem words appears in this video:

Whore (1) , Dickhead (1) , Shitter (1) , Pissed (1) , Arsed (1) , Fart (1) 

Along with the above mild problem words there is one brief reference to transgenderism which isn’t offensive and the situation lessens its impact. Apart from this there is no other reference to sex or sexually related content in this video. I feel this video could be classified as a  (PG) but decided on a (12) just to be safe.

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The St Bernard

St Bernard Wakes Up Pissed As A Fart On Brandy

St Bernard Has Been Sick In His Own Mouth

Most St Bernard’s End Up As Alcoholics Because Of Their Brandy Barrels

St Bernard Trying To Speak To The Mute Basenji

St Bernard Gets More Brandy From His Barrel & Toasts To The Mute Basenji

The Border Collie

Border Collies Are So Intelligent They Cut Their Own Hair

Replacing The First Dog Clipper With The Fully Charged Backup Dog Clipper

Border Collie Slips When The Door Bell Goes And Checks Itself In The Mirror

Rectifies Its Mistake By Creating Symmetry Using Other Hand/Ambidextrous

Finishes Off With Hairspray And Needs To Shake The Can When It Clogs Up 

Blows A Kiss To Itself In The Mirror (Narcissistic Transgender Dog Whore)

The Poodle

Poodles Are Super Intelligent / But Not When It Comes To Getting A Haircut

Poodle Wants To Be Dyed Pink And Have Its Legs Shaved Bald 

Poodle Basically Wants To Look Like A Dickhead

If You See A Pink Partially Bald Poodle = It Lost Its Intelligence In The Salon

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I have split “The Dog Salon” into 4 parts. If you want to know how the story progresses then please click the big red button below to watch Part 4. Underneath the big red button there are also 4 separate links to help you easily navigate the whole story.

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The Dog Salon – Part 1 – Bulldogs & Sheepdogs
The Dog Salon – Part 2 – The Barkless Dog
The Dog Salon – Part 3 – St Bernards & Poodles
The Dog Salon – Part 4 – Pitbull Finale

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