Tramps And Old Dears – Part 2 – Puddles & Body Odour

Tramps And Old Dears – Part 2

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Soaking An Old Dear

Old Dear Was Wearing An Anorak = She’s Game / She’s Asking For It

Wearing Stupid Waterproof Hat Showing Off = Need To Teach Her A Lesson

Driving Through Deep Puddle & Soaking Her / Wave Of Litter Ridden Filth

Reversing Back To See Her / Getting The Evil Eye But Not Intimidated By Her

Wiping The Crap Off Her Face Then Cleaning The Babies Face In The Pram

Little Girl Holding A Pink Teddy Bear / Now Shitty Brown & Unsalvageable

Babies Are All Fat Heads With Small Blubber Bodies & Horrific Dress Sense

Old Dear Out Of Order Cleaning Her Own Face First Then The Babies

Horrific Body Odour (B.O) In Tesco’s

Convincing Myself It Wasn’t Me / Performing Inconspicuous B.O Check

Looking Around Self Righteously And Pointing Out The Guilty Suspect

Old Dear Dressed Like An Eskimo / Hot Day / Reeked Of Raw Sewage

Old Dear Was A Prime Example To Support Compulsory Euthanasia

Communicating My Disgust With Other Superior People Queuing Up

Old Dear Turned Around It Was My Nan / I Blanked Her And Walked Out

Overall Rating For Tramps And Old Dears Part 2

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