Video Guidance Ratings

A picture of me pointing to a cloud containing five different video guidance ratings (U, PG, 12, 15, 18)

I’m Using These Video Guidance Ratings So I Don’t Offend You By Mistake … Touchwood

Image of all five video guidance rating placed underneath each other. (U, PG, 12 , 15, 18) Thanks for taking the time to drop by this page.A post-it note with an old man and a baby on it.

You will notice that underneath every sketch video on this blog there is a video guidance rating. I also make sure to include one at the beginning of each video too. This is very important especially if kids have found their way here. You see some of my videos contain no swearing and no sexually related content but other videos do.A pair of cartoon eyes behind a red warning sign.

So I thought it was wise to give all my videos ratings or guidance certificates to help you decide whether you want to watch or not. Or more importantly decide if your children can watch. Along with the rating I make sure to list all the problem words and how many times they occur. I also give a quick summary or over view to help you decide.

George Carlin Hit The Nail On The Head …

Cartoon drawing of George Carlin by Pete Emslie When George wrote his material he said he didn’t like putting restrictions on himself or limit what he could think or write about. He said he could adjust and adapt his material depending on the audience.

This seemed really good advice to me from one of the true comedy greats. So some of my stuff is clean some of it is blue, sometimes I swear when I think it adds something and sometimes I don’t when I think it doesn’t.

Now and again I will include two versions of the same sketch video a (15) and a (PG) version like for example Winston Is Head cat. This is so kids can watch if they want to.

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I Love Laurel & Hardy But I Also Love Richard Pyror

Framed picture of laurel & Hardy. I have so many comedy heroes and I love all kinds of comedians and different comedy styles. From geniuses like Laurel & Hardy and Jonathan Winters who never swear to other comic geniuses like Richard Pyror & Billy Connolly who swear all the time.Cartoon picture of Richard Pryor

Personally I like George Carlin’s approach. So I just write what comes into my head then when I rewrite I only include swearing or adult related content if I think it improves the material, compared to adding it for no good reason. I prefer to reduce it as much as I can to be honest, but it is what it is. Anyway let’s move on to the video ratings.

Cat Comedian Video Guidance Ratings 

U guidance ratingI have yet to give any of my videos a (U) rating as I like to err on the side of caution to be honest. Basically any problem words are restricted to very mild ones like Hell, God, Damn, Bloody. There is no reference to sex or drugs in any way. Basically I would let a toddler watch if they wanted too lol!

PG guidance ratingThis is my goal but not always possible. Mild swearing like Shit, Bitch and any words allowed in a (U) rating above. Sex and drugs can be mentioned if comedy is used to lessen the impact. Both gay and straight sexually related content is allowed if it is mild but no homophobia. Basically the content is suitable for under 12’s.

12 guidance ratingA lot of my videos fall into this category. Strong language like Fu*k, Bastard, Bollocks can be included if it is used infrequently but no C*nt or Motherf**ker. Sex and drug related content must be suitable for young teenagers. Both gay and straight sexually related content is allowed but no homophobia. 

15 guidance ratingA (15) rating represents my most explicit material as a (18) rating has yet to be used. More frequent use of strong language is permitted including infrequent use of C*nt and Motherf**ker. Stronger reference to sex and drugs is now allowed along with mild reference to homophobia.

18 guidance ratingLike I said above the (18) rating has yet to be used and it’s highly likely it never will be. Basically any language can be used here and as frequently as desired. Sex and drugs can be explored in explicit detail whether it is gay, straight or bisexually focused. The content is acceptable only for mature adults who aren’t’ easily offended.   


A picture of me giving the thumbs up smilingThanks for having a look at this page. I have thought long and hard about this. In the end I realized all I can do is to let people know exactly what to expect before they watch anything I post on this blog.

You can’t please everyone and trying to would just end up giving you a massive headache. so I’m following George Carlin’s advice and am just focusing on writing my stuff. I can let the audience decide if they want to watch or not by using these ratings.

Cheers  everyone.