Winston Is Head Cat – Part 1

Winston Is Head Cat – Part 1 – (15) Version

An image of a microphonePlease Watch ” Winston Is Head Cat – Part 1 ” Above And Tell Me If There Are Any Funny Bits Among All The Garbage

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15 Certificate Icon (Content Rating)Video Guidance Rating

I have graded this video (15) (PG) version further down.

The following problem words appear in this video:

Motherf**ker (1) , Bitch (1), Crap (1), Shit (1)

This video has a (15) rating as the swear word “Motherf**ker” is used. It is used just ONCE for effect as Winston the cat is based on Samuel L. Jackson and the language I feel fits the character and improves the material.  If you want to watch the (PG) version with no strong language then please see further down the page. This version is the version I personally like best. Please note I only swear if I feel it adds to the material and not just for the sake of swearing. The below rating stars can be used for both versions and if you watch both you can say which you prefer underneath the (PG) video further down the page. The only difference between both versions is one word at the start, Cheers.

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Winston Demands To Be Put Down 

Winston Walking Towards The Patio Doors

Winston Walks Into The Patio Doors

Winston Tells The Dog To Shut Up

Winston Falls Down Manhole

Winston Makes The Goldfish Feel Worthless

Little Goldfish Feels So Worthless He Starts To Self Harm

Tuco Threatens Winston From Behind The Patio Doors

Tuco Selling Cat Mint To Another Cat

Tuco Picking A Fight With A Guide Dog

Guide Dog Refuses To Fight Back

Tuco Pulls Tongues At The Tosa

Overall Rating For Winston Is Head Cat Part 1

Winston Is Head Cat – Part 1 – (PG) Version


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